Can You Grow Garlic from Store-Bought Garlic

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Growing garlic from store-bought cloves is easier than you might think.​ Many people are intimidated by the idea and believe that it takes a lot of effort.

However, with just a few simple steps, you can have your own garlic ready to harvest within about 8 months.​

You will find that with the right amount of care and attention, you can produce a tasty and flavorful garlic crop with very little effort.​ Here are a few tips for you to get you started:

Can You Grow Garlic From Store-Bought Garlic 0

First, choose the right type of garlic.​ There are many varieties of garlic available in stores.​

Some varieties are hardier and more suitable for growing from since they produce the best results.​ Choose a variety that is known for its flavor and robustness.​ Make sure to also pick garlic that has a nice appearance, as this will give you the best chance of success.​

Next, choose an appropriate spot for your garlic to grow.​ Garlic thrives in moist, well-draining soil with plenty of sunlight.​

If you are unable to find a suitable spot in your garden, you can grow them indoors using pots or planters.​

Once you have your garlic planted, it’s time to give them enough water and sun.​ Water your garlic regularly, and ensure that the soil doesn’t dry out or become too wet.​

Garlic likes sunny, warm weather, so give them plenty of indirect sunlight or plenty of artificial light.​

It’s also important to protect your garlic from pests and disease.​ You can do this by regularly monitoring your garlic and checking for signs of pests such as aphids or mildew.​

If you spot any pests or diseases, take measures to remove them as soon as possible.​

Ensure that your garlic is well-fertilised.​ Add compost or other organic matter to the soil every few weeks to ensure your plants get the nutrients they need.​

This will help them to grow strong and healthy.​ You can also use natural pest control techniques, such as companion planting, to protect your garlic from pests.​

Finally, harvest your garlic when the bulbs are mature.​ The bulbs should be firm and the skin should not be too papery.​

Cut the stems off close to the bulb, and store the garlic in a cool, dark place to avoid spoiling.​ With the proper care and attention, your garlic will be delicious!

Storing Garlic and Composting

One of the most important aspects of growing garlic from store-bought cloves is storage and composting.​

If you are not able to use all of the cloves you purchased, you should store them in a cool, dark and dry place where they will last for months before going off.​ If you are able to use all of the cloves, you can compost the remaining stems or peelings.​

By composting the scraps, you will not only reduce your waste, but you will also reduce your impact on the environment.​ Composting is a great way to recycle organic materials and it will also enrich the soil in your garden.​

When you add compost to the soil, it will improve its drainage and make it easier for your garlic to absorb nutrients.​

If you compost correctly, your produce will have fewer pests and higher yields.​ Compost works like a slow-release fertilizer, which means it will provide your garlic with the nutrients it needs over time.​

Compost also helps to control weeds, which can become a problem when growing garlic from store-bought cloves.​

If your goal is to make the most of your garlic crop and you want to store some of your cloves, you should store them in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.​

When you are ready to plant the cloves, plant them in individual pots or in beds.​ Make sure to water and fertilize them correctly so they can thrive.​

In this way, you will get the most out of your store-bought cloves.​

Fertilizing and Controlling Weeds


Fertilizing your garlic is essential for a productive harvest.​ The nutrients in the soil will enable your garlic cloves to grow and flourish, so it is important to give them the correct amount of fertilizer.​

You can either use organic or chemical fertilizers; however, chemical fertilizer should be used sparingly as it can damage the soil and harm your plants.​

Organic fertilizer is the best choice and will help your garlic to reach its full potential.​

Another important factor to consider when growing garlic from store-bought cloves is controlling weeds.​ Weeds can compete for resources with your garlic and eventually take over if they are not controlled.​

You can use mulching to stop weeds from taking over, as this will smother them and stop them from spreading.​ You can also use a hoe to remove existing weeds by hand if necessary.​

When it comes to fertilizing and controlling weeds, the most important thing to remember is that timing is key.​

Fertilize at the right time when nutrients are being absorbed most efficiently, and make sure to take action against weeds in the early stages so that they do not become a problem.​

By following these simple steps, you can guarantee the highest yield possible when growing garlic from store-bought cloves.​

Protecting Garlic From Pests

One of the most common troubles when growing garlic from store-bought cloves is pests.​ Some pests are more attracted to garlic than others, and it can be difficult to control them.​

The first step is to identify the pests that frequent your area and then take measures to prevent them from coming near your garlic.​ You should also monitor your plants frequently for signs of pests and take action as soon as possible.​

Many gardeners opt for natural pest control methods such as companion planting and the use of neem oil.​

Companion planting involves inter-planting garlic with other pest-resistant plants such as marigolds and chives.​ Neem oil is also a natural deterrent and can be sprayed onto plants to prevent pests from attacking them.​

Both of these methods have proven to be effective in controlling pests when growing garlic from store-bought cloves.​

If you find that natural methods are not enough, you may have to resort to more conventional measures.​ These may include the use of insecticides or even introducing natural predators such as ladybugs into your garden.​

Whatever method you decide to use, make sure that it is safe for your plants, and never apply insecticides that could be harmful to humans.​

Harvesting and Curing Garlic


Once your garlic is ready to be harvested, it is important to remember that timing is key.​ If you harvest it too early, it may not have the robust flavor you crave.​

If you wait too long, the cloves may split open before you are ready to harvest.​ To ensure that the cloves are at their peak flavor when harvested, make sure to check the size of the cloves and the amount of papery skin on the bulbs regularly.​

When harvesting your garlic, make sure to do it gently and carefully.​ Cut the stems off right above the bulb, and then allow the garlic to cure for a few days in a dry and airy place to ensure the best flavor.​

It is also important to store the cured garlic in a cool and dark place to avoid spoiling.​ With these simple steps, you can ensure that your garlic will be ready to enjoy at its peak flavor.​

Curing garlic properly is also important if you intend to store it for a long time.​ To preserve garlic for many months without it going off, you must have the right conditions.​

The cloves must be kept in a cool, dry, dark place that is not too humid or cold and out of direct sunlight.​ This way, you can ensure your garlic remains at its best for a long time.​

Following these few simple steps will ensure that you get the best out of your garlic crop.​

With the right amount of care and attention, you can have a robust and flavorsome garlic crop that will bring joy to your meals for months!

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