How To Make Store-Bought Alfredo Sauce in a Jar Better

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Admit it – store-bought Alfredo sauce in jar often falls short of expectations.​ Often, it’s too runny, too thick or just doesn’t have enough flavor to make your meal pop.​

But if you tweak it a bit, you can turn those blah containers into a heavenly Alfredo sauce your guests won’t soon forget.​ Here’s how:

How To Make Store-Bought Alfredo Sauce Better 0

Herbs & Spices – Start by throwing in a healthy portion of oregano, basil and parsley.​ This will give your store-bought Alfredo sauce that distinct Italian flavor and add another layer of complexity to your dish.​ For a bit of heat, throw in some crushed red pepper flakes.​

Butter & Garlic – To achieve a richer flavor, add a tablespoon of butter, as well as a clove or two of garlic, to the sauce and stir to combine while it’s simmering.​ This will help to revitalize and enhance the flavor of the sauce.​

Cream & Parmesan – To thicken your Alfredo sauce, stir in a few tablespoons of cream before adding a handful of freshly grated Parmesan cheese.​ If you’re making a larger amount, you can use a few ounces of grated Parmesan.​

Lemon – To help balance out the richness of the Alfredo sauce, add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.​ A squeeze of citrus will add a light brightness and acidity that gives this dish a depth of flavor.​

Nutmeg & Pepper – To bring all the flavors together, add a pinch of nutmeg and freshly ground black pepper.​ You won’t need a lot of either, just enough to add a pop of seasoning.​

Aromatics – Finally, you can add a few aromatic ingredients like rosemary, bay leaves, and thyme to infuse the sauce with more flavor.​ You don’t need to use all three – use one or two and make sure to remove them before serving.​

Add Some Protein

To make your alfredo even more delicious, why not toss in some protein? Chicken, shrimp, bacon, and sausage all pair nicely with Alfredo sauce.​

Or, if you’re looking for something a bit healthier, you can always add some grilled or steamed vegetables.​ Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong!

If you’re using chicken, we suggest cutting it into cubes and searing it in a pan before adding it to the Alfredo sauce.​ This will give it a nice, caramelized flavor that pairs perfectly with the rich cream sauce.​

If you’re using shrimp, we suggest cooking them in olive oil and garlic until they’re lightly pink before adding them to the sauce.​

Sausage is another great option, and you can’t go wrong with either Italian sausage or breakfast sausage.​ Simply cook the sausage in a pan until it’s browned and add it to the sauce.​

And lastly, if you’re adding bacon to the alfredo, we suggest dicing the bacon and cooking it until it’s crispy before adding it to the sauce.​

Once you’ve added your desired protein, let the sauce simmer and infuse it with all the flavors.​ Then, after a few minutes, it’s ready to serve!

Add Some Veggies


To give your alfredo even more flavor, you can also throw in some vegetables.​ We suggest adding squash, mushrooms, onions, or potatoes.​ All of these veggies pair wonderfully with Alfredo, and they’ll give your dish texture and plenty of flavor.​

Plus, they provide an extra health benefit to your meal.​

If you decide to add potatoes, we suggest cutting them into cubes and then boiling them in water until they’re just tender.​ Once they’re cooked, drain them and add them to the Alfredo sauce.​

If you’re adding squash, we suggest cutting it into strips or cubes and sautéing it in oil until it’s just tender before adding it to the sauce.​

As for mushrooms and onions, you can chop them into small pieces and sauté them in oil until they’re cooked through.​ Once they’re done, add them to the sauce and let it simmer for a few minutes.​

Once you’ve added your vegetables of choice, let everything simmer together for a few minutes.​ Then, after a few minutes, it’s ready to serve!

Add Some Oomph

If you want to add a bit of an extra kick to your Alfredo sauce, there are a few ingredients you can add to really “spice” it up.​

We suggest adding some hot sauce or Worcestershire sauce into the mix, as both these ingredients add flavor and a bit of a kick to whatever dish they’re added to.​

If you like, you can also add a splash of white wine for a bit of extra richness.​

To give your alfredo a bit of a smoky flavor, add in a teaspoon of smoked paprika.​ If you want to add some heat, add cayenne pepper or crushed red pepper to the sauce.​

Lastly, if you want to add some creaminess to your Alfredo sauce, you can add a few tablespoons of cream cheese.​ This will thicken the sauce and give it a nice, creamy texture.​

Once you’ve added your desired ingredients, let the sauce simmer until it has reached your desired consistency.​ Then, it’s ready to serve!

Give It a Splash of Acid


To bring all the flavors of the sauce together, a splash of acid always does the trick.​ Whether you decide to use vinegar, lemon juice, or lime juice, you can’t go wrong! A splash of acid will brighten up the flavors of the alfredo and balance out the richness of the sauce.​

If you’re using vinegar, we suggest using apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar.​ To use the vinegar, add a tablespoon to the Alfredo sauce and stir.​ If you’re using lemon or lime juice, a few drops should do the trick.​

Once you’ve added your desired acid, let the sauce simmer for a few minutes and then it’s ready to serve!

As you can see, with just a few simple tweaks and enhancements, you can transform any store-bought Alfredo sauce into a heavenly dish that your guests won’t soon forget.

Whether you choose to add a few herbs and spices, some protein and veggies, or a splash of acid, you can’t go wrong.​

So, why not try one of these tweaks the next time you’re making store-bought Alfredo sauce?

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