How to Make Store-Bought Coleslaw Taste Better

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Nothing beats homemade food, and coleslaw, in particular, is a great side dish to many meals.​ Store-bought coleslaw is usually a letdown, as it can be bland, soggy or even flavorless.​

However, with just a few simple tweaks, store-bought coleslaw can be transformed into something truly special.​

How to Make Store-Bought Coleslaw Taste Better 0

Here’s how to make store-bought coleslaw better:

1.​ Add some crunch.​ Store-bought coleslaw usually lacks texture, so adding some crunchy ingredients like toasted nuts, crumbled bacon, or even some fried onions will bring it to life.​ Don’t be shy with the quantity, and a little goes a long way!

2.​ Layer on the flavor.​ Boring store-bought coleslaw can be easily jazzed up with the addition of strong flavorings, like a spicy kick from a little chili sauce or even some freshly chopped herbs.​ A splash of good-quality balsamic or a drizzle of fruity olive oil can also add depth.​

3.​ Use a rich dressing.​ Store-bought coleslaw can be really dry, so it’s important to use a rich dressing with enough depth to add moisture.​ Choose one with a mix of oils, such as olive oil, avocado oil, or flaxseed oil.​ The addition of a creamy mayonnaise or yogurt will also add a delicious richness.​

4.​ Make it your own.​ Store-bought coleslaw can easily be tailored to suit your tastes.​ Whether you prefer something sweet or savory, it’s worth experimenting with different flavor combinations until you find the perfect match.​

5.​ Create added texture.​ To give your coleslaw an added crunch, try adding fresh vegetables such as diced apples or carrots.​ Not only will it create an interesting texture, but it will also give your coleslaw a visually appealing appearance.​

6.​ Make it a meal.​ If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to turn store-bought coleslaw into a meal, consider adding some protein.​ Grilled chicken or sliced deli meat makes a delicious addition, while the addition of some drained canned beans will give the dish extra nutrition.​

7.​ Keep it vibrant.​ To make your coleslaw really stand out, add some color! Fresh cherry tomatoes, roasted beets, or some bright bell peppers will instantly give your store-bought coleslaw a boost and make it look more appetizing.​

Use a Variety of Ingredients

Coleslaw is a wonderfully versatile dish, so don’t be afraid to experiment and use different ingredients.​ From fruits and vegetables to herbs and spices, there are plenty of options to make your store-bought coleslaw unique.​

Not sure what to add? Try a sprinkle of walnuts for crunch, or for an added sweetness, try adding a few spoonfuls of dried cranberries.​

In addition to fresh ingredients, some great store-bought condiments can be used to make your coleslaw more flavorful.​

For an intense umami punch, try adding some miso paste or even a touch of Worcestershire sauce.​

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to season it to taste with some freshly ground black pepper and coarse sea salt.​

If you want to add more protein to your coleslaw, boiled eggs are a great option.​ Rich in healthy fats and vitamins, eggs not only provide a delicious burst of flavor, but they’ll also provide your store-bought coleslaw with added nutrition.​

You can also try adding cooked beans, such as cannellini or kidney beans.​

There’s no limit to what you can add to your coleslaw – you can even use a variety of different types of cheese to give it a cheesy twist.​ Cheddar cheese, for example, provides a lovely bite, whereas feta cheese adds a creamy texture.​

Whichever cheese you choose, don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect combination to make your store-bought coleslaw better.​

Finally, try adding some unique ingredients, like a handful of roasted chickpeas or some salted cashews, for an extra crunch.​

Not only will it take your store-bought coleslaw to the next level, but it will also add a sense of fun to an otherwise ordinary dish.​

Use Caramelized Onions


One of the best ways to enhance a store-bought coleslaw is to add caramelized onions.​ Not only do they add a delicious hint of sweetness, but they also add great texture – making them the perfect addition to store-bought coleslaw.​

To caramelize onions, start by sautéing onions with a little oil in a pan over medium heat.​ Cook, stirring occasionally, until the onions are soft and slightly golden.​

If you want to add an extra hint of sweetness, add a pinch of sugar to the onions as they cook.​ Once they’re caramelized, add them to your store-bought coleslaw and enjoy!

If you fancy experimenting further, try adding some sautéed mushrooms or even some roasted garlic to your store-bought coleslaw.​ Roasting garlic releases its natural sweetness, thus adding a delicious depth of flavor to your coleslaw.​

To make the dish even more decadent, consider adding some crumbled blue cheese or shredded Parmesan.​ Not only will it give your store-bought coleslaw a delicious cheesy flavor, but it will also make it much more filling.​

For a vegan option, consider adding some nutritional yeast or a sprinkle of vegan parmesan-style cheese instead.​

Finally, if you are truly looking to elevate your dish, why not try adding some fine slices of prosciutto or some spiced oven-roasted nuts for an extra touch of indulgence?

Use an Oil-Free Dressing

If you’d prefer to make your store-bought coleslaw healthier, consider using a lighter, oil-free dressing.​

Not only will it be lighter in terms of calories, but it will also give your coleslaw a lighter taste.​

For a zesty and refreshing oil-free dressing, try combining some plain Greek yogurt, a little Dijon mustard and freshly squeezed lemon juice.​

Not only is it easy to make, but it will also add a delicious tang to your store-bought coleslaw.​

If you’re looking for something more indulgent, consider adding a dollop of full-fat crème fraîche and some finely chopped chives.​

To complete the dish, don’t forget to add a few splashes of apple cider or white wine vinegar.​ Both add a wonderful depth of flavor and serve to balance out any sweetness.​ A sprinkling of black pepper and some flaky salt will also help to bring the flavors together.​

Finally, add a few spoonfuls of freshly chopped herbs to the dressing for a touch of freshness.​ Cilantro, parsley and chives all work well, while a few sprigs of tarragon will give it an elegant yet subtle flavor.​

Stir in Some Grains


Grains make a great addition to any store-bought coleslaw dish.​ Not only will they give your coleslaw added texture, but they’ll also provide an extra hit of nutrition.​

Quinoa is particularly good as it’s rich in protein and fiber and can be cooked in just ten minutes.​

To make quinoa for your store-bought coleslaw, start by adding one cup of quinoa to two cups of boiling water.​

Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes or until the quinoa is cooked.​ Once cooked, fluff the quinoa with a fork and add it to your store-bought coleslaw.​

Alternatively, if you don’t have time to cook the quinoa, you can use a combination of cooked brown rice or wild rice.​

These both provide a great alternative and add texture to the coleslaw mix.​ If you prefer a slightly nuttier flavor, also consider stirring in some cooked buckwheat.​

Another great option for adding some nutrition and texture is to add some pulses, such as black beans, kidney beans or chickpeas.​

Not only will they provide a much-needed boost of fiber and protein, but they’ll make your store-bought coleslaw much more filling.​

Finally, if you really want to make your store-bought coleslaw stand out, try stirring in some toasted nuts or seeds.​

Toasted hazelnuts, almonds or walnuts all make a great addition, while some sunflower or pumpkin seeds will give your coleslaw an extra crunch.​

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