Where to Find Anchovy Paste in The Grocery Store

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Anchovies are loved by many and despised by some.​ But if you’re one of the lovers, you must know where to find anchovy paste in the grocery store.​

Anchovy paste can be found in the canned food section of the grocery store.​ As with all other canned and jarred products, it’s usually found near the bottom shelves or near the back of the store.​ It’s likely to be packed in small, sealed jars or cans.​

Where is Anchovy Paste in The Grocery Store (What Aisle to Find) 0

If you need help to spot the anchovy paste, ask an employee for help.​ Most supermarkets have knowledgeable staff who can guide you to the right section.​ To save time, you can call ahead of time and ask someone if they carry it.​

When you find it, opt for the highest quality anchovy paste available.​ Anchovy paste has a long shelf life, so there’s no rush.​ Read labels, and choose the paste with fewer artificial ingredients if possible.​ It’s worth spending a little extra money for a better-tasting product.​

Anchovy paste adds a touch of flavor to light dishes like salads, sauces, and sandwich spreads.​ It has a pungent, earthy taste and a thick consistency that’s perfect for livening up a range of dishes.​

It makes a great dipper for vegetables like carrots and celery.​ You can also use it to flavor savory dishes, soups, and pizzas.​

Are you a fan of anchovies on pizza? Anchovy paste is a great way to achieve that taste without the visible anchovy pieces.​ Try adding it to your next pizza for an invigoratingly flavorful experience.​ There’s no need to use it much as it packs a punch.​

Once you’ve settled on a quality brand of anchovy paste, why not switch it up a bit by adding an ingredient or two? For unique flavors, experiment with ingredients like garlic, red pepper flakes, and olives.​

Even a pinch of sugar can help reduce the saltiness.​ Get creative and enjoy the process!

Significance of Anchovy Paste

Anchovy paste is a significant ingredient in the culinary world and is worthy of praise for its unique flavor.​ It’s an umami-rich condiment, meaning that it has an irresistible, “mouthwatering” taste.​

This sophisticated flavor is popular among many cultures who use it mostly in pizza, salad, and salads, as it gives dishes a unique depth that you won’t get from any other seasoning.​

Anchovy paste also provides nutritional benefits.​ It has essential vitamins, minerals, protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids.​

It also helps reduce inflammation and blood sugar levels and is an excellent source of magnesium, selenium, zinc, and vitamins B6 and B12.​ Since it’s low in fat and calories, it won’t only add flavoring but also nourish your body.​

Used in cooking worldwide, anchovy paste can be a great addition to your favorite recipes.​ So why not add it to your ingredients list next time you visit the grocery store?

Alternatives to Anchovy Paste


Anchovy paste is not everyone’s cup of tea.​ For those of you who don’t like its fishy taste, there are other ingredients that can provide the same flavor.​

You can use Worcestershire sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce, miso paste, and anchovies in oil as alternatives.​

These alternatives provide enough complexity to enhance the flavor of curries, pastas, dips, and sandwiches.​

Worcestershire sauce is trendy, for it has a peppery kick that makes it a good replacement for anchovy paste.​

Asian fish sauce and miso paste are usually made with anchovy extract.​ If you’re not a fan of fish, you can try soy sauce, which is made of brewed soybeans and salt.​ You can still get the salty, umami taste you want, regardless of your preference.​

As for anchovies in oil, these will bring a unique and extraordinary flavor to whatever dish you’re eyeing.​

So, if the fishy taste isn’t a problem for you, this can be an excellent way to supplement the flavors of your food.​

Anchovy Paste Uses

Anchovy paste is a product with many uses that can take your dishes to the next level.​ Trying various anchovy flavors and combinations is a creative activity to enjoy alone or with your family.​

Here are a few examples of what you can create using anchovy paste.​

If you’re making a pizza, add anchovy paste to the base for a delicious, savory kick.​ You can sprinkle some anchovies over your pizza if you like a more intense flavor.​ Top it with anchovy paste and spread lightly over the dough for a more subtle taste.​

In your pasta, a spoonful of anchovy paste produces a unique depth of flavor.​ Consider using a red sauce to enhance the flavor, or try a cream sauce for a slightly milder flavor.​ You can also stir it into your cooked vegetables and salads for a touch of rustic flavor.​

A classic use of anchovy paste is in Caesar salad.​ It’s the main ingredient, so pick a brand that has a strong flavor.​ Anchovy paste will also make a great ingredient for dressings and sauces.​

And why not add some anchovy paste to your seafood dishes?

Anchovy paste has a strong taste, so use it in small doses, giving your dishes a sublime flavor.​ Garlic, tomatoes, and capers might also be a great addition to bring out the flavor of your seafood.​

Anchovy paste is a versatile ingredient, so go ahead and give some recipes a try!

Cooking Tips


Shoppers must be mindful of the expiration date.​ Fresh anchovy paste is always best, so it’s best to buy it in person from a reputable retailer.​

To be on the safe side, read the expiration and “best before” date before buying it.​ Most jars and cans will last for up to two years, so you can stock up without worrying.​

Anchovy paste should be stored in a cool, dry place away from heat and sunlight.​ Refrigeration is well-advised as it helps preserve the paste for a longer period of time.​

If you’ve opened a jar of anchovy paste, seal it tightly and store it in the fridge for up to four weeks.​

The great thing about anchovy paste is that a little goes a long way.​ A teaspoon of anchovy paste is thick enough to flavor a dish.​

For a more intense taste, add another teaspoon.​ If you want more of a tangy taste, add more of the paste.​

If you’re making a seafood dish, you’ll need to add double the amount of anchovy paste as compared to a meat dish.​ Keep in mind that the flavor will be more potent with seafood as compared to meat.​

The same goes for adding anchovy paste to dishes with strong-tasting vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprout, and kale.​


Anchovy paste is a convenient and flavorful condiment that transforms a dish instantly.​ With its anchovy-based, umami flavor, it gives your meals a savory, salty kick.​

Whether you’re looking for a unique taste for your pizzas or salads or you want to tweak the flavor of your meals, anchovy paste won’t disappoint.​

So next time you’re at the grocery store, make sure you pick up a jar or a can of anchovy paste and get ready to experience a delectable flavor journey through your kitchen!

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