How to Thicken Store-Bought Yogurt

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Craving a thick creamy yogurt but wishing to avoid the hassle of making it at home? Look no further!

Making store-bought yogurt thicker is far easier than you might think – and you don’t even have to compromise on taste.​

Let’s explore how you can thicken store-bought yogurt that won’t compromise on flavor.​

How To Thicken Store-Bought Yogurt 0

Firstly, thicken up your yogurt with a dry thickening agent.​ One of the best options is instant tapioca powder since it is flavorless and has a thicker consistency when it’s heated.​ You can add it directly to the yogurt and mix it up for a few minutes.​

Another alternative to adding a thickening agent directly to the yogurt is to use a cooked pudding mix or custard powder.​ Mixed with the yogurt, the mix can also help thicken the consistency.​

Alternatively, make a high-fat yogurt by adding ingredients like fruit juice or vegetable juice to the store-bought yogurt.​ If you are adding the juice directly, then make sure to mix it properly with the yogurt.​

A high-fat content can also be achieved by adding cream, evaporated milk or heavy cream to the store-bought yogurt.​ This will help to give the yogurt a thicker and creamier consistency.​

Another way to thicken store-bought yogurt is by using organic Greek yogurt.​ Greek yogurt has a high protein content and a thicker consistency, which is why it works great for thickening store-bought yogurt.​

Simply add a few spoonfuls of Greek yogurt to the store-bought yogurt and whisk together until you achieve the desired consistency.​

If you’re looking to thicken your store-bought yogurt and increase its nutritional value, then adding chia seeds is a great option.​ They will help to give the yogurt a creamy texture and are also a great source of fiber, which will help to thicken the yogurt.​

It is important to note, however, that chia seeds may also change the flavor of the yogurt, so it’s best to add them in small amounts and gradually increase the portion until the desired thickness is achieved.​

Finally, if you don’t have any of the above ingredients on hand, then you can also thicken your store-bought yogurt by straining it through cheesecloth or a fine strainer.​ This will help to remove the excess liquid from the yogurt and give it a thick and creamy consistency.​

You can even add some fresh or frozen fruit to the yogurt as it is straining for extra flavor and texture.​

Making Yogurt Thicker with Thickening Agents

When it comes to thickening store-bought yogurt, one of the most foolproof methods is to use a thickening agent.​

There are two common methods for thickening store-bought yogurt with thickening agents – adding them directly to the yogurt or using a cooked pudding mix or custard powder.​

Adding a dry thickening agent directly to the yogurt is the simplest method.​ A popular choice is tapioca powder since it’s flavorless and thickens up the yogurt efficiently.​

All you need to do is add a small spoonful of the tapioca powder and mix it into the yogurt until the desired thickness is achieved.​

Another method that’s just as effective is to use a cooked pudding mix or custard powder.​ All you need to do is add a few spoonfuls of the powder to the yogurt and mix it until it is completely combined.​

This will give the yogurt a thicker and creamier texture without noticeably changing the flavor.​

Fruit juices and vegetable juices are also great ingredients to add to store-bought yogurt if you’re looking to add some sweetness and flavor without compromising on thickness.​

Add a spoonful or two of the desired juice to the yogurt and whisk it together until combined.​ Make sure not to add too much juice, as that can dilute the yogurt and make it runnier.​

Heavy cream, evaporated milk, or Greek yogurt can also help to increase the fat content of the yogurt and thicken it up.​

Simply add a few spoonfuls of these ingredients to the yogurt and mix it together to create a creamy and thick texture.​ The addition of Greek yogurt, in particular, will give the yogurt a high protein content and a thicker consistency.​

Finally, if all else fails, you can always use the ‘strain-and-chill’ method to thicken your store-bought yogurt.​ All you need to do is place the yogurt in a cheesecloth or a fine strainer and let it sit in the refrigerator for an hour or two.​

This will allow the excess liquid to be removed from the yogurt and give it a creamy and thick texture when refrigerated.​

The Nutritional Benefits of Adding Chia Seeds to Store-Bought Yogurt


Adding chia seeds to your store-bought yogurt can not only help to thicken it up, but it can also provide a host of nutritional benefits.​ Chia seeds are a superfood that is packed with fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids – all essential nutrients for a healthy body and strong mind.​

These nutrients can help to support healthy digestion, boost the immune system, and provide energy throughout the day.​ Chia seeds are also a great source of dietary fiber, which can help to prevent digestive issues such as constipation or bloating.​

Not only are chia seeds a nutritious addition to store-bought yogurt, but they are also high in antioxidants.​ These antioxidants help to protect the body from free radical damage, which can lead to the development of various chronic diseases.​

Regular consumption of chia seeds can also help to reduce inflammation in the body, making it easier to fight off disease and infections.​

Chia seeds are also a great source of plant-based protein, which makes them a great addition for vegetarians and vegans looking to increase their protein intake.​ The protein content in chia seeds can help to provide the body with the building blocks it needs to build muscle mass and stay energized throughout the day.​

Finally, adding chia seeds to store-bought yogurt can also help to make it creamier and thicker.​ They will help to add a natural richness without compromising on taste.​

As an added bonus, chia seeds are also naturally sweet, so they can help to add a subtle sweetness to yogurt without adding too much sugar.​

How to Prepare Store-Bought Yogurt for Maximum Thickness and Flavor

Now that you know some of the best ways to thicken store-bought yogurt, the next step is to prepare it for maximum thickness and flavor.​

The key is not to rush the process – try to take your time and enjoy it! Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your store-bought yogurt preparation.​

First and foremost, always use cold ingredients when preparing store-bought yogurt, as this will help to maintain the desired thickness and temperature.​

If you are adding heavier ingredients such as cream or yogurt, make sure to keep them at room temperature or else they will result in a runnier texture.​

When mixing your ingredients, invest in a wire whisk to ensure that all the ingredients are completely combined.​ This will help to give the yogurt a uniform consistency and prevent it from becoming lumpy or clumpy.​

It’s also important to pay attention to the quantity of the ingredients that you are adding.​ For example, if you are adding a thickening agent such as tapioca powder or chia seeds, make sure to add a small amount at a time and gradually increase the portion until the desired thickness is achieved.​

If you are adding fruits or other flavorful ingredients, make sure not to overpower the yogurt and dilute its flavor with too much sugar.​

Adding naturally sweet ingredients such as banana or strawberries will help to add flavor without compromising the thickness of the yogurt.​

Finally, prevent the yogurt from getting overly thick by stirring it every 20 to 30 minutes.​

This will help to ensure that all of the ingredients are properly incorporated into the yogurt and that it maintains a creamy and thick consistency that won’t be overly heavy or clumpy.​

Ways to Enjoy Store-Bought Yogurt


Now that you know why and how to thicken store-bought yogurt, you need to know how to enjoy it! There are endless ways to enjoy a thick and creamy store-bought yogurt.​ Here are some of the best ideas.​

For a healthy portable snack, try adding some fresh fruits or vegetables and a drizzle of honey to your store-bought yogurt and mix it all together.​

This makes for a nutritious and convenient snack that you can take with you on the go.​ You can also top your yogurt with some granola for a crunchy twist.​

If you are looking for something a bit more indulgent, then you can try adding some dark chocolate chips or coconut flakes for a chocolaty or creamy twist.​ This makes for a delicious dessert that won’t leave you feeling guilty afterward.​

If you are feeling creative, then you can also try using store-bought yogurt in smoothies or cooking.​ A yogurt-based smoothie makes for a great breakfast option as it is packed with protein and other essential vitamins and minerals.​

As for cooking, yogurt can be a great ingredient to add to your curries or sauces for a creamy and rich texture.​

Finally, you can use store-bought yogurt as a substitute for sour cream or cream cheese.​ This makes for a lower-calorie and healthier option, which is still just as flavorful.​

This makes for a great option for those who are trying to health up their cuisine without compromising on flavor.​

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