Where Are Pimentos in the Grocery Store?

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location of pimentos found

Wondering where to find pimentos in the grocery store?

You may have searched high and low in various aisles, but have you checked the most obvious spot?

The location of pimentos can sometimes surprise shoppers, leading to unexpected discoveries.

Let’s shed some light on this elusive ingredient’s typical hiding place in the store, making your next culinary quest a tad easier.

Pimento Location in the Produce Section

pimento pepper in aisle

If you’re on the hunt for pimentos in the grocery store, make sure to check the produce section for fresh options. Fresh pimentos can often be found nestled among the vibrant array of fruits and vegetables.

These red gems, sometimes mistaken for vegetables, are actually the ripe, sweet version of green olives. Their flavor is mild and slightly tangy, making them a versatile ingredient in various dishes.

When selecting fresh pimentos, look for ones that are firm, glossy, and free of blemishes. These qualities indicate freshness and ensure a delightful taste when added to your recipes.

In the produce section, you may encounter fresh pimentos displayed alongside other colorful produce items like bell peppers and tomatoes. Their bright red hue stands out, making them easy to spot amidst the greenery.

Some stores also offer pimentos in different colors, adding a visual appeal to your culinary creations. When incorporating fresh pimentos into your dishes, consider their crisp texture and juicy flesh, which can elevate the overall taste and presentation of your meals.

Pimentos in the Canned Goods Aisle

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Explore the canned goods aisle at the grocery store to discover a variety of pimentos, typically located near jarred vegetables like olives and pickles.

When searching for pimentos, keep an eye out for small jars or cans labeled as ‘Diced Pimientos’ or ‘jarred pimentos’. These containers usually contain either whole or diced pimentos, making them easy to spot on the shelf among other canned goods.

The canned goods aisle is a prime location to find pimentos for your recipes. Whether you need them for flavoring dishes or as a colorful garnish, this section is likely to have what you’re looking for.

If you’re unsure about where to find the pimentos, remember to check the labels carefully to ensure you’re picking up the right product.

Next time you’re browsing the grocery store aisles, head to the canned goods section to locate the pimentos conveniently situated near other jarred vegetables. If you’re having trouble locating them, don’t hesitate to ask a store employee for guidance.

Finding Pimentos in the Condiments Section

pimentos in condiments aisle

Head to the condiments section of the grocery store to easily locate pimentos, where you’ll find them nestled among items like olives, pickles, and hot sauces. Pimentos, also known as sweet peppers, are commonly stored in jars or cans in this section.

As you peruse the shelves, keep an eye out for the familiar red hue of these flavorful peppers. They’re often placed alongside other pepper products, making them relatively easy to spot.

The condiments section is usually organized logically, with similar items grouped together, so your search for pimentos should be straightforward.

If you don’t see them right away, take a moment to scan the shelves more closely, as they may be positioned at eye level or slightly higher.

Some grocery stores might even have a separate area within the condiments section dedicated to specialty or gourmet pimentos, offering a wider variety to choose from.

Pimento Placement in the Ethnic Foods Area

ethnic foods pimento presence

Nestled among a diverse array of Mediterranean and Spanish ingredients in the ethnic foods section of the grocery store, jars or cans of pimentos can often be easily located.

This section typically showcases a variety of products such as olives, capers, and specialty peppers, making it a prime spot to find pimentos.

The ethnic foods aisle is a treasure trove for those seeking Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine staples, and pimentos are commonly stocked here alongside pickled and marinated vegetables.

When perusing the shelves, keep an eye out for the Spanish or Mediterranean food sections for a higher chance of stumbling upon pimentos.

You might spot them positioned near roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, or pickled jalapeños, as these items often complement each other in recipes.

The vibrant red color of pimentos makes them easily recognizable amidst the assortment of products in the ethnic foods area, ensuring that they stand out for your convenience.

Pimentos in the Pickles and Olives Section

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To easily locate pimentos during your grocery shopping trip, head over to the pickles and olives section where they’re typically found alongside other pickled vegetables and condiments.

When you arrive at this section, keep an eye out for jars or cans of pimentos displayed near items like pickles, relish, and marinated olives.

In addition to these placements, you might find pimentos positioned near cocktail garnishes, as they’re commonly used in martinis for a touch of flavor.

If you don’t spot the pimentos with the pickles and olives, don’t fret; make sure to check the canned vegetable aisle or the international foods section for alternative locations within the store.

Other Possible Pimento Locations

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You can also find pimentos stocked in the antipasti or deli section of specialty or gourmet grocery stores, perfect for enhancing your charcuterie boards.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to spice up your dishes, check the canned vegetables section during your next grocery trip. Pimentos are often nestled among other peppers and specialty items, making them easy to locate for your cooking needs.

In addition to the canned vegetables aisle, don’t forget to browse the condiments section near pickles and olives. Pimentos are commonly used in pickled form, so this area could be another spot where you might stumble upon them.

When exploring the store, make sure to also peek around the international foods aisle, particularly in the Spanish or Mediterranean section, where pimentos are frequently found.

For a more upscale shopping experience, consider visiting a specialty or gourmet grocery store. These establishments often showcase pimentos in the antipasti or deli section, catering to those seeking high-quality ingredients for their culinary creations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where would pimentos be in a grocery store?

Pimentos are typically in the condiment aisle or near pickles and olives due to their pickled nature.

You might find them in the canned vegetable or specialty foods aisle, and sometimes in the international foods section if they’re imported.

If you’re having trouble locating them, check the label or ask a store employee for help.

Are pimentos and red peppers the same?

Pimentos and red peppers aren’t the same. Pimentos are specific chili pepper varieties, smaller, sweeter, and milder than red bell peppers.

Pimentos are often jarred or canned, unlike fresh red bell peppers. They offer a unique taste and color to dishes.

Knowing these distinctions can help you find pimentos in the grocery store, separate from red peppers. Look for them in the canned goods aisle or in the international foods section.

Where do you get pimentos from?

When you’re looking for pimentos, head to the canned vegetable aisle or near pickled items like olives and pickles in most grocery stores. Fresh pimentos may also be available in the produce section.

If you want a wider selection, check out specialty or gourmet food stores. Online retailers like Amazon often carry canned or jarred pimentos for your convenience.

What can I substitute for pimentos?

If you’re looking to substitute pimentos in your dish, consider using roasted red bell peppers for a similar flavor. Jarred roasted red peppers can also do the trick.

Want a pop of color and mild sweetness? Try cherry tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes as alternatives.

For a tangy twist, pickled red onions or capers work well.

And if you’re after a smoky kick, smoked paprika or chipotle peppers can step in for pimentos.


Next time you’re at the grocery store, head to the canned goods aisle, the produce section, or the condiments area to find pimentos. Keep an eye out for jars or cans of these flavorful peppers, or look for fresh cherry peppers if you prefer.

With multiple options for where to find pimentos, you’ll be able to add a pop of color and taste to your dishes in no time. Happy shopping!

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