Where are Anchovies in the Grocery Store?

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locating anchovies in store

If you’ve ever wondered where to find anchovies in the grocery store, you’re not alone. Surprisingly, 7 out of 10 people struggle to locate these tiny fish packed with flavor on their own.

But fear not, there’s a method to the madness of anchovy placement that might just surprise you. So, next time you’re navigating the aisles, keep an eye out for the unexpected spots where these savory treats might be hiding.

It could make your next culinary creation just a little bit easier – and tastier.

Common Locations for Anchovies

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When seeking anchovies in a grocery store, you’ll most commonly locate them in the refrigerated areas near salad dressings or in Italian grocery stores.

Anchovies are versatile ingredients that can elevate the flavor profile of various dishes. To buy anchovies, head to specialized stores like Adonis, Costco, Loblaws, bakeries, or Metro.

In these locations, you can find anchovies in canned, jarred, or tinned forms. They’re typically situated in sections such as sauces, condiments, fresh seafood, or the deli area.

Utilize anchovies in your cooking to add a depth of umami flavor. Whether you’re making a classic Caesar salad, a rich pasta sauce, or a savory tapenade, anchovies can enhance the taste of your dishes.

The availability of anchovies may vary based on the region, with some places offering salted or pickled anchovies more readily than others.

Keep an eye out for fresh anchovies in the fresh seafood or international aisles of supermarkets like Loblaws, Metro, or ethnic stores such as Freshco.

Canned Goods Aisle

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Navigating through the canned goods aisle at a grocery store, you can easily spot anchovies packed in small cans or jars, typically nestled among other canned fish and seafood products. When looking for anchovies in this section, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Variety of Brands: Different brands offer anchovies in various packaging, so explore the shelves to find the one that suits your preference.
  • Different Preparations: Anchovies can be packed in oil or salt, providing options for different culinary uses.
  • Price Range: Prices of anchovies can vary based on the brand and quality, allowing you to select one that fits your budget.
  • Recipe Inspiration: The canned goods aisle often displays recipe ideas or suggestions on how to incorporate anchovies into your dishes, sparking culinary creativity.

Next time you’re in the canned goods aisle, look for the jarred anchovies, and get ready to enhance your recipes with their distinct flavor profile.

International Foods Section

diverse global culinary offerings

To explore the international foods section for anchovies, scan the shelves or refrigerated area for a diverse selection of anchovy products imported from various regions. Anchovies are commonly stocked in jars, cans, or tins in this section.

Given their frequent use in Mediterranean dishes, you can expect to find an array of anchovy options here.

Look for labels indicating the origin of the anchovies, such as those from Spain, Italy, or Morocco, to ensure you get the flavor profile you desire for your culinary creations.

The international foods section typically caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences, offering anchovies in different forms, such as whole fillets, paste, or even anchovy-stuffed olives.

Whether you’re a fan of Caesar salads, puttanesca pasta, or tapenade spreads, the international foods aisle is likely to have the anchovy products you need to elevate your dishes with that distinctive umami flavor. So, don’t hesitate to browse this section for your anchovy essentials.

Near the Condiments

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Anchovies are commonly positioned adjacent to the condiments section in grocery stores, typically alongside pickled items, olives, capers, and other complementary flavor-enhancing products.

When searching for anchovies near the condiments, keep an eye out for them in jars, cans, or tubes, based on the store’s inventory and layout.

Here are some helpful tips to locate anchovies for your next salad topping:

  • Look for Different Packaging: Anchovies may come in various packaging, such as glass jars, tins, or tubes, so explore the different options available in the condiments area.
  • Check Nearby Shelves: While anchovies are usually near condiments, they might also be located on shelves just adjacent to this section, so scan the surrounding areas.
  • Consider International Aisles: If you can’t find anchovies near the condiments, browse through the international or Mediterranean food aisles where they’re commonly stocked.
  • Explore Savory Toppings: Anchovies are often grouped with other savory toppings, so scan the shelves for capers, olives, and other similar products to spot them easily.

Specialty or Gourmet Food Area

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When exploring the specialty or gourmet food area of a grocery store, you’ll discover a curated selection of premium culinary offerings that often includes high-quality imported cheeses, olives, and condiments, among which anchovies can be found.

In this section, you’re likely to encounter a variety of anchovy products, such as fillets, paste, and marinated options.

These gourmet areas are designed to cater to food enthusiasts seeking unique and top-notch ingredients, making them ideal for locating a diverse range of anchovy items for your culinary adventures.

Anchovies are a versatile ingredient that can add a depth of flavor to many dishes, including the classic Caesar salad.

In the gourmet food area, you may come across specialty anchovy paste, which is commonly used in Caesar dressing recipes to achieve that signature umami-rich taste.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional anchovy fillets or looking to experiment with anchovy paste in your Caesar salad dressing, the specialty or gourmet food section is the place to browse for premium anchovy options that elevate your cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where would anchovies be in the grocery store?

Anchovies in the grocery store can be tricky to locate. They may not be where you expect, like with other canned fish. Look near salad dressings or in the fresh seafood area. Check the deli or pickled condiments sections. They could also be near sauces or condiments.

If you’re having trouble, ask store employees for help. Be prepared to explore different sections as anchovies might be in unexpected places.

Where are anchovies found?

In grocery stores, you can find anchovies in the refrigerated section near salad dressings or in sections like sauces, condiments, fresh seafood, or deli areas. Look for them in canned, jarred, or tinned forms.

Costco may carry salted anchovies in jars, often in the same aisle. Fresh anchovies are typically in the fresh seafood or international aisles of stores like Loblaws or Metro.

Sometimes, anchovies aren’t with other canned fish and might be in areas like the fresh seafood section or international aisles.

Why can’t I find anchovies?

Having trouble finding anchovies in grocery stores can be due to their unique storage requirements. These small fish are often refrigerated and located in sections like the deli area or international aisles. Limited availability and varied types like salted or pickled anchovies can further complicate your search.

Brands may not be grouped together, necessitating a thorough store exploration. Seek assistance from store staff for help, especially when looking for jarred anchovies.

Are canned anchovies refrigerated?

Canned anchovies aren’t refrigerated before being opened. They’re shelf-stable due to the preservation methods used in canning.

You can find canned anchovies in the non-refrigerated sections of grocery stores, usually in aisles with other canned fish products.

Once you open a can of anchovies, it’s best to store any leftovers in the refrigerator to maintain their freshness. Refrigeration isn’t required for unopened cans.


When searching for anchovies in the grocery store, be sure to check the canned goods aisle, the international foods section, or near the condiments. You may also find them in the specialty or gourmet food area.

Don’t hesitate to ask store employees for assistance, as anchovies may not always be located in standard canned fish sections.

With their versatility and unique flavor, anchovies are a valuable ingredient to have on hand for a variety of dishes.

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