Healthy Bagel Toppings That are More Exciting for Breakfast

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In today’s health-conscious society, it is estimated that over 60% of individuals consume bagels for breakfast on a regular basis. However, the traditional toppings often contribute to a high calorie intake.

Healthy Bagel Toppings That are More Exciting for Breakfast 0

This article aims to provide practical solutions by introducing a variety of nutritious and flavorful alternatives for bagel toppings. From protein-packed spreads to creative combinations, readers will discover delicious ways to start their day on a wholesome note.

Join us as we explore the world of healthy bagel toppings and elevate your breakfast experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Bagel sandwiches and melts can be a versatile and flavorful way to start the day, offering a balanced mix of protein, fiber, and vitamins.
  • Spreads and dips like homemade vegan tofu cream cheese, roasted red pepper hummus, avocado and salsa, Greek yogurt and herbs, and nut butter and banana slices can add variety and nutrition to bagels.
  • Sweet bagel toppings such as peanut butter and banana slices, cream cheese and fresh berries, Nutella and sliced strawberries, almond butter and honey, and Greek yogurt and granola can provide a sweet and satisfying breakfast option.
  • Savory bagel toppings like smoked salmon and cream cheese, bacon, egg, and cheese, avocado and tomato, pesto and mozzarella, and catering to vegan and vegetarian preferences can offer a hearty and flavorful breakfast choice.

Bagel Sandwiches and Melts

Bagel sandwiches and melts offer a variety of delicious and satisfying options for a healthy breakfast. One popular choice is the turkey apple cheddar bagel melt.

This combination of lean turkey, crisp apple slices, and tangy cheddar cheese provides a balanced mix of protein, fiber, and vitamins.

Another tasty option is the Bang Bang tofu bagel. Made with crispy tofu tossed in a spicy and creamy sauce, this plant-based sandwich is not only flavorful but also packed with protein.

Whether you prefer a classic meat and cheese combination or are looking for a vegetarian alternative, bagel sandwiches and melts can be customized to suit any taste.

With their versatility and variety of flavors, they are a great way to start your day on a healthy and satisfying note.

Spreads and Dips

One popular choice for spreads and dips on a best store-bought bagel is a homemade vegan tofu cream cheese. This creamy and tangy spread is a healthier alternative to traditional cream cheese, as it is lower in fat and cholesterol. It is also a great option for those who follow a vegan or dairy-free diet.

Here are some other healthy dip options and creative spread combinations to try on your bagel:

  • Roasted red pepper hummus: This flavorful dip is packed with protein and fiber, making it a nutritious choice for your morning bagel.
  • Avocado and salsa: Mash up some avocado and mix it with your favorite salsa for a creamy and spicy spread.
  • Greek yogurt and herbs: Mix Greek yogurt with chopped herbs like dill, parsley, and chives for a refreshing and protein-rich spread.
  • Nut butter and banana slices: Spread some natural nut butter on your bagel and top it with sliced bananas for a sweet and satisfying combination.

These options not only add flavor and texture to your bagel but also provide additional nutrients to start your day off right. Get creative and enjoy your favorite breakfast in a healthier way!

Sweet Bagel Toppings

Continuing the exploration of healthier alternatives for bagel spreads and dips, there are a variety of sweet toppings that can add a delightful twist to your morning meal.

These unique fruit combinations and creative dessert-inspired toppings can satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing nutrition.

Here are some delicious options to consider:

Sweet Bagel Toppings
Peanut butter and banana slices
Cream cheese and fresh berries
Nutella and sliced strawberries
Almond butter and honey
Greek yogurt and granola

These toppings provide a balance of flavors and textures, while also offering a range of nutrients. Peanut butter and banana slices offer a combination of protein and potassium, while cream cheese and fresh berries provide a dose of antioxidants.

Nutella and sliced strawberries create a decadent treat, while almond butter and honey offer a natural sweetness. Greek yogurt and granola add a creamy and crunchy element to your bagel.

Experiment with these options to find your favorite sweet bagel topping and start your day off on a delicious note.

Savory Bagel Toppings

To elevate the flavor profile of your morning bagel, consider incorporating savory toppings that add a delightful twist to your breakfast.

Savory bagel toppings offer a range of creative flavor combinations and cater to both vegan and vegetarian preferences.

Here are four options to try:

  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese: This classic combination provides a rich and savory flavor that pairs perfectly with a toasted bagel.
  • Bacon, egg, and cheese: For a hearty and satisfying breakfast, top your bagel with crispy bacon, a fried egg, and melted cheese.
  • Avocado and tomato: Create a refreshing and healthy option by spreading mashed avocado onto your bagel and topping it with sliced tomatoes.
  • Pesto and mozzarella: Add a burst of Italian flavors to your bagel by spreading pesto sauce and adding slices of fresh mozzarella.

These savory toppings will give your bagel a delicious and unique twist, making it a satisfying and flavorful breakfast option.

Exploring Beyond Traditional Bagel Toppings

Now, let’s delve into a world of endless possibilities as we venture beyond the realm of traditional bagel toppings. When it comes to bagels, there are so many creative combinations to explore that can elevate your breakfast experience.

Not only do these alternative bagel toppings add a burst of flavor, but they also come with various health benefits.

Here are some ideas for creative bagel topping combinations:

Column 1Column 2Column 3
Avocado and tomatoBacon, egg, and cheesePesto and mozzarella
Smoked salmon and cream cheeseHam and Swiss cheeseGreek yogurt and granola
Tuna salad and cucumberHummus and roasted veggiesSun-dried tomato tapenade
Peanut butter and bananaCream cheese and berriesNutella and strawberries

Exploring these alternative bagel toppings can introduce you to new flavors and textures while providing a range of nutrients.

Avocado adds healthy fats and fiber, while smoked salmon offers omega-3 fatty acids. Nut butters provide protein and beneficial fats, and fresh berries are packed with antioxidants.

By thinking outside the box, you can create delicious and nutritious bagel toppings that will satisfy your taste buds and keep you energized throughout the day.

Additional Resources for Breakfast and Food

For more information and inspiration on breakfast and food, explore these additional resources:

  • Food Network: The Food Network website offers a wide range of healthy breakfast ideas, including recipes, tips, and techniques from renowned chefs. They have a dedicated section for breakfast recipes, featuring nutritious and delicious options to start your day off right.
  • EatingWell: EatingWell is a trusted source for healthy recipes and meal planning. Their website provides a collection of nutritious breakfast ideas, including options for different dietary preferences and restrictions. They also offer articles and tips on how to make your breakfasts more balanced and satisfying.
  • Cooking Light: Cooking Light is known for its focus on healthy and flavorful recipes. Their website features a variety of breakfast ideas that are not only delicious but also good for you. From quick and easy options to more elaborate dishes, Cooking Light has something for everyone.
  • The Kitchn: The Kitchn is a popular food website that covers a wide range of topics, including breakfast recipes and ideas. They provide step-by-step instructions, helpful tips, and creative inspiration to help you make the most of your breakfasts.

These additional resources can provide you with a wealth of information and ideas to make your breakfasts healthier and more enjoyable.

Whether you’re looking for new recipes, tips on meal planning, or general guidance on healthy eating, these sources have you covered.

Start exploring and get inspired to create delicious and nutritious breakfasts every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bagels a Healthy Breakfast Option?

Bagels can be a healthy breakfast option when made with whole grain ingredients, providing fiber and nutrients. Pairing them with healthy spreads like homemade nut butter or avocado can enhance their nutritional value.

Can Bagels Be a Part of a Weight-Loss Diet?

Bagels can be part of a weight-loss diet if consumed in moderation and paired with healthy toppings. While they can be high in calories, choosing whole grain options and adding lean protein and vegetables can create a balanced meal.

How Can I Make My Own Bagels at Home?

To make your own bagels at home, try these beginner-friendly bagel recipes that provide step-by-step instructions and useful tips. Experimenting with flavors and toppings will add a personalized touch to your homemade bagels.

What Are Some Alternative Protein Options for Bagel Sandwiches?

Some alternative protein sources for bagel sandwiches include tempeh, tofu, chickpeas, and black beans. These vegetarian options provide a nutritious and satisfying addition to your breakfast, while also offering a variety of flavors and textures.

Are There Any Gluten-Free Bagel Options Available?

Gluten-free bagel options are available, catering to those with dietary restrictions. From homemade recipes to store-bought brands, there are numerous choices. Some popular gluten-free bagel brands include Udi’s, Canyon Bakehouse, and Katz Gluten Free.


In conclusion, there is no shortage of healthy and delicious options when it comes to bagel toppings.

With a wide range of savory and sweet combinations, as well as the opportunity to experiment with homemade bagels and unique spreads, breakfast can become a personalized and enjoyable experience.

By thinking outside the box and exploring new flavors, individuals can elevate their bagel game and start their day off on a wholesome and satisfying note.

So why not try some of these nutritious alternatives and discover a new favorite breakfast option?

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